The Stradivarius


The most sought after violin model today is the Stradivarius, which is also one of the most expensive instruments. This particular violin was introduced in the 17th century, when the Stradivari family came up with this unique design. Antonio Stradivari is rated as the chief architect of the Stradivarius violins, which are without a doubt, the most pleasant sounding violins of all time. It is tragic that most of these violins were destroyed and today there are only around 700-750 of these in existence. Here are important facts about this rare beauty.

Price Tag

You will be astonished to hear that these violins come with a price tag of several million dollars. Start saving now so you can afford the $3,544,000 price tag via private auction. The are rare and old, so people are willing to pay serious coin to acquire an original. Collectors have yielded hefty amounts from private sales of these violins. Such an expensive price tag is attributed to the following two reasons.

Quality of Sound

The quality of the sound produced by Stradivarius violin is undeniable. The sound of these violins is amazing, which draws the listener's attention big time. Of course, you need to be able to play and tune the violin! That's why the worlds greatest players are drawn to this particular instrument. Economics tells us that the rarer something is, the more value one can fetch for it. Same is the case with the Stradivarius. Owing to these being extremely rare, you have to pay millions of dollars to buy Stradivarius violin.

Audio Mysteries

Even historians are baffled at the exact reason for the captivating sound of this instrument. Several theories link it to the wood choice, which only sounds better with time. The most popular theory about the amazing sound is the chemicals used in this type of violin. Other prominent theories relate to the density of the wood and the glue being used in the violin. Based on a research study, it is believed that the traces of fluoride, borax, iron and chromium are also present in a Stradivarius violin.


Over the past many decades, musicians, engineers and other people have tried to come up with an exact copy of this violin, but all their efforts have gone in vain. The materials used in the manufacturing of the original Stradivarius violin are still unknown, and this is the major hindrance towards reproducing the rare instrument. Luckily, we were able to harness its power and give to you free right here at 123.

Antique Roadshow

The Stradivarius violins are extremely rare. According to a research, there are only a few instruments floating around. Some people find them in the attic, dust them off and start playing that 80's song "Come on Eileen" while others rip into a solo. One can be found at the top of this page, so go click on it and get classical. The rare nature of these sweet violins makes them immensely valuable. If you buy one, then you need to have a secure instrument so nobody can steal it and go pawn it for 50 bucks. It is to avoid any chances of counterfeiting and theft of the violin.

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