Violin and the Fiddle

1 Violin and the Fiddle - Two sounds from one instrument


People often inter-relate a violin and the fiddle. Though, both of these musical instruments are quite similar, yet there are differences you need to know. All you have to do is to sit back and give this page a thorough read, so that you can come across the important and notable differences between the two. The difference between these musical instrument can easily be heard in the different music styles.

2 Historical Difference

Originally, the violin was associated with the elite or rich class of the society. Only people with ample money could afford a violin. Fiddle, on the other hand, was rated as a lesser music instrument. Homemade fiddlers were the way to go in the past, and these were of great utility to the people unable to read the music. The people used to use both the musical terms interchangeably; therefore, violinists felt offended when called them as the fiddlers.

2 Different Strings

Another difference between a violin and the fiddler is the usage of different strings to produce sound. Gut strings are the major components of a violin, which are easier to play, and owing to this, these are on the expensive side as well. A Violin uses a wooden peg to generate quality sound. In case of fiddles, steel strings are used, which do not work wonders with the wooden pegs. Though, steel strings are replaced with the gut ones lately, but the difference in the quality of sound still exists. Certain tuning mechanisms are there for the taking as well, which enhances the quality of sound generated from a fiddle.

2 Music Genres

Traditional/Folk genre is the name of the game in case of a fiddle. The common examples of such genre are bluegrass, cajun music and country music. Contrasting to a fiddle, a composition-based music is the outcome when you go with a violin. Composition-based music is referred as the classical music as well. Therefore, if you are fond of classical music, then a violin can do the trick for you. Depending on the music, it can take a lifetime of practice to master.

Bridge difference is the major difference between a fiddle and a violin. Bridge of the music instrument is the piece of wood holding up the strings off the body of the instrument itself. When it comes to a fiddle, flat and carved bridge is there for the taking. Owing to the flatter bridge, the angle of the strings is lessened in case of fiddles. These lessened strings help a player to play up to three notes at a time. Violinists prefer to go with the arched bridge, but this is not a set rule. It is up to the player to go with a particular bridge type, flat or arched.

Another difference is the difficulty in playing these instruments. A fiddle is much more difficult to play than a violin. Counter arguments claim violin to be the more difficult one. The Skill level of the player determines the difficulty in playing a particular instrument, but most of the musicians are of the view that learning and playing a genuine fiddle is more difficult than a violin.

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