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violin music

The violin can be heard in an increasing number of music styles spanning nearly every genre. Once confined to classical music, this unique instrument is experiencing a comeback in multiple styles of music from hip-hop to pop and beyond. The violin music be recorded properly and close miking can give the harsh squeal, whereas a distant micing technique can include the room sound. Even historians are baffled at the exact reason for the captivating sound of this instrument. Several theories link it to the wood choice, which only sounds better with time. The most popular theory about the amazing sound is the chemicals used in this type of violin. Other prominent theories relate to the density of the wood and the glue being used in the violin. Based on a research study, it is believed that the traces of fluoride, borax, iron and chromium are also present in a Stradivarius violin.

Bach Chaconne

The much-celebrated Bach piece always pleases on violin. Bach composed the chaconne around 1718 and still to this day, sounds amazing. Who knows what Bach was actually thinking when writing this piece of violin music. We are lucky to still have the sheet music around, which you can hand to your local violinist and have them play it. Listen to the sweet notes, whilst sipping tea and eating crumpets, etc

Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata

Also known as Violin Sonata No. 9, this piece will put chills in your spine. This was originally published as Beethoven's Opus 47 and has been celebrated heavily by classical enthusiasts worldwide. One thing is for sure, Beethoven wasn't afraid to write heaps of great violin music over the course of his career.

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

Tchaikovsky was russian and heavily criticized for this one. Of course, nobody cares about critics, since they lack talent and can only see the negative aspects of life. This concerto was a brave musical statement and has travelled through time to become the most loved violin music written in human history.

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